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A fine original pen and ink and watercolour caricature by an unidentified artist.
Size 21cms x 13cms. With manuscript caption. Preserved in cut mount.
Depicts a very young batsman at the wicket, with disproportionately large head, emphasising his youthful looks and cherubic expression.
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A sheet of card bearing a series of original pen and ink caricature drawings, by Sam Wells, signed by the artist.
Size 30cms x 26.5cms. Margins extra.
Captioned in pencil: Saturday's little bit of Mixed Grill. Illustrating various sportsmen in the following cricket roles: Ron Filshie, Vic. Pole Vault Star as a fielder. Warwick Selvey, Vic. Discus & Shot Put Champ as a batsman, Warwick Armstrong. Graeme Kelly, as a fielder. Russ Oakley, The Half Mile Wizard as a batsman running between the wickets. Barry Stanton, 440 Champ. Hurdler as a wicketkeeper, and Dick Leffler, Top Hammer Thrower as a bowler. Inset is a caricature of Richie Benaud. Sam Wells (1885-1972) was a popular sporting and political cartoonist who worked predominantly for the Melbourne Age between the 1930s and 1960s. He drew the major sporting cartoons of the time, and his work appeared every Monday in the sports column for over 25 years.
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BROCK, (H.M.).
An original pen and ink drawing by Brock, finished in water colour wash, on brown paper, signed by the artist. Depicting a batsman in front of his stumps, looking behind as he is caught at slip, with the wicketkeeper watching on.
Size 24cms x 24.5cms. Preserved in cut mount. Framed.
Brock (1875-1960) was a book illustrator and a principal contributor to C.B. Fry's Magazine and The Chums Annual. He illustrated a large number of school stories for boys, including thirteen serials in The Captain. He became a member of the The Royal Institute of Painters in 1906. See Kelly: The Brocks. A Family of Cambridge Artists and Illustrators. 1975.
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(BROWNE, Tom)?
"LEAVES FROM A CRICKETER'S NOTE-BOOK". A series of seven charming original watercolour drawings, possibly by Tom Browne, depicting humorous cricket scenes. With manuscript caption by Rufus, each watercolour is numbered and has an accompanying descriptive text.
Painted on two sheets of paper, each 20cms x 15.5cms.

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COWARD, (Kate A.).
An original pen and ink drawing, after a painting by M. Blatchford, depicting two scorers seated at a table, with a cricket match in progress in the background.
Executed c.1890s.
Size 35cms x 22.5cms. Preserved in cut mount.

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An original full-length portrait of a young boy, holding a cricket bat, apparently painted on a photographic base.
(Executed c.1890s).
Size 31cms x 27cms. Mounted down on board. Some minor damage to corners.

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A series of eight charming original watercolour drawings, possibly by Tom Browne, depicting humorous scenes of the match and a spectator during the Nottingham v. Surrey match played at Trent Bridge, 10th-11th June 1889. Titled in ink by the artist: Bank 'Oliday at The Trent Bridge Ground. Notts. v Surrey. In the match W. Gunn scored 118, and Shacklock took ten wickets for 45 runs for Nottinghamshire, who won by an innings and 153 runs. With manuscript caption by Rufus, each watercolour has an accompanying descriptive text. The watercolours, which represent a contemporary record of the match, depict a spectator called Littlescrub watching the match and celebrating after the Nottinghamshire victory. Captioned: (1) 'Littlescrub - an enthusiastic "Nottsite" determined to go to Trent Bridge for the match on Whit Monday.' (2) 'He applauds as Shrewsbury & Dixon go to the wickets.' (3) 'Horror of Littlescrub - Gunn gets his "century".' (5) 'Rain coming on the players adjourn - The dense crowd and Littlescrub cheer forward.' (6) 'Having drunk Notts health freely in the Bar - Littlescrub cheers the downfall of "W.W. [Read]'s" wicket more than is strictly within the bounds of good form.' (7) 'When the last Surrey wicket fell on Tuesday, the excitement was immense. Littlescrub was frantic with delight & cheered the "Notts Locals" till he had once more had to adjourn to the bar.' (8) 'At a late hour that night, Littlescrub was discovered, somewhere near Kimberley. Report states that he tried to shake hands with the policeman, under the impression he was Shacklock.'
Painted on two sheets of paper, each sheet with two watercolours on each side. Size of each 20cms x 15.5cms. Slight wear to edges of both sheets, not affecting watercolours or text.

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SMYTHE, (Ernest W.).
An original pen and black ink drawing of a cricket match in progress, showing the batsman about to strike the ball, with spectators and pavilion in background. Signed and dated by the artist.
Size 23cms x 28cms. Preserved in cut mount.
Smythe (1874 - 1950) was and illustrator and water colourist. He contributed to The Sketch in 1896 and The Illustrated London News in 1899.
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THORPE, (James H.).
A full-length original pencil, and pen and ink sketch by James Thorpe, of a batsman in cricket whites and pads, holding a bat aloft. Unsigned. Showing only part of the bat, the batsman's head, and his feet visible. On the verso is a preliminary sketch in ink, of a batsman's hands gripping a bat handle.
Executed c.1920s. With minor alterations in white. Slight loss to top edge, not affecting drawing. Size 17.5cms x 22cms.
James Thorpe, (1876-1949), was the author and illustrator of'A Cricket Bag, published in 1929. He also illustrated de Selincourt's Over published in 1932. He was a contributor to Punch (1909-1938) and The Graphic (1908-1915).
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An original pen and wash head and shoulders drawing of Victor Trumper, by Sydney Shorthouse.
Size 21cms x 26ms. Preserved in cut mount. Framed and glazed.
Shorthouse was born in Leicester and has become a well-known painter of miniatures. He has won awards from the Royal Miniature Society and the Hilliard Society. Trumper played for Australia between 1899 and 1912. He was regarded by his contemporaries as the greatest of all Australian batsmen.
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Records - 1 to 10 of 16